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Black Vinegar

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PRICEPT Jyukusei Nama-Kurozu Ryu Black Vinegar is a blend of black vinegar and three other unique black ingredients. Practice a healthy diet based on the bounty of nature. Natural black vinegar is aged to perfection and blended with fermented garlic, black ginger, and black sesame. These four black ingredients promote health and beauty, supporting your diet and lifestyle and helping you reach your most beautiful, vivacious self.

Health Benefits:

  • Encourage metabolism
  • Help muscles burn fat and sugars
  • Enhance the skin & make the skin supple
  • Help alleviate fatigue
  • Promote circulation
  • Warm the body and alleviate cold extremities
  • Promote the healthy production of sweat
  • Help curb obesity
  • Anti-aging

Take before exercise to double the health benefits!

Active Ingredients: 

  • Raw black vinegar
  • Fermented black garlic powder
  • Black ginger extract powder
  • Black sesame paste
  • DHA

Recommended for:

  • Those who want to burn fats and sugar more efficiently
  • Those who want to curb obesity
  • Those who want to recover from fatigue
  • Those who feel cold at extremities

Quantity: 60 Capsules (2 capsules per day; 1-month supply)


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