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Japanese Kampo


Yoshin Tea (Relaxing Tea | Stress Relief Tea) [order now and ship out on 4 Jun]

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Yoshin Tea (Relaxing Tea) is a health tea that is based on Japan's traditional medicine, called Kampo (汉方). 

Health Benefits :

  • Recommended for those who feel tired
  • Effective for relaxing
  • It is a blend tea of Du Zhong leaf, red bean, jujube, etc., which are known to be good for health

Natural Ingredients: Oats, Cassia Seed, Gutta-Percha Tree, Corn, Azuki Bean, Glycyrrhiza, Jujube

Recommended for:

  • Those who feel tired
  • Those who want to boost energy

Quantity: 20 tea bags


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What is kampo (汉方)?

Kampo (汉方) is arguably one of Japan’s best-kept secrets – many have never heard of it, yet it has been an integral part of healthcare in Japan for centuries.

Kampo, also known as Traditional Japanese Herbal Medicine, is a standardised multi-herb therapeutic tradition developed uniquely in Japan over 1400 years; Its roots are in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s said that Buddhist monks brought with them medicinal knowledge of herbs when they came over to Japan from China in the 5th and 6th centuries, and that it was gradually adapted to suit the local population, becoming Japanese kampo. This particular medical system is organised based on the reactions of the human body to therapeutic interventions.

Today, kampo is strictly regulated by the national government—it’s not just a bag of random herbs. The type and ratio of ingredients in each formulation is stipulated, the number of formulations limited, and the final products tested and approved. Research is conducted on the use of kampo in the treatment of various health conditions, and you can often find the published studies in English, just by searching on the web.

There are a few different pharmaceutical companies that manufacture kampo in Japan, but regardless of which brand you buy, you can expect the formulation to be the same. While you might find similar formulations in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the amount of each ingredient is typically a lot smaller in kampo.

What is kampo tea (汉方茶)?

Kampo teas (汉方茶) are health teas that are based on kampo.  They are milder compared to exact kampo formulations and are suitable for daily regular consumption to bring health benefits.