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Organic Mulberry Leaf Green Juice

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Pricept Organic Mulberry Leaf Green Juice is made with Japanese-grown organic mulberry leaves. It is blended with organic barley grass to create a mild flavor, making refreshingly mild tasting and easy to drink. There is a touch of sweetness from "Amacha", a traditional and natural sweetener that is easy on the body.

All Goodness of Mulberry Leaves: 

  • Contain a characteristic component called 1-Deoxynojirimycin (DNJ) that is shown to suppress the elevation of blood glucose levels
  • Contain nutrient components such as dietary fiber, vitamins, and other characteristic components which support beauty and improve unbalanced diet
  • A raw material long used in traditional medicine

Health Benefits:

  • Suppress the elevation of blood sugar levels
  • Counter obesity
  • Excellent supplement for balanced nutrients 

Suitable for: Anyone who seeks to counter high blood sugar levels or obesity, or to improve daily unbalanced diet

Quantity: 30 sachets in 1 box (30-day supply in 1 box)


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