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Aojiru-β Young Barley Leaves Green Juice [Buy1Get1Free] [order now and ship out on 4 Jun]

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Pricept Mugiwakaba Aojiru-β Young Barley Leaves Green Juice is an award-winning health product (MONDE SELECTION 2018 SILVER AWARD). more than 290 million cups were sold in Japan from 1995 to 2022! Take Aojiru today to improve your daily unbalanced diet. 

All Goodness: 

  • Tasty barley young leaves, containing rich nutrients such as vitamins and minerals in a balanced manner
  • Sweetness of oligosaccharides without raising blood sugar level
  • 8 kinds of vegetable powder are well contained
  • 100 millions probiotics bacilus coagulans SANK70258 in a sachet
  • Prebiotics to promote proliferation of probiotics

Health Benefits:

  • Excellent supplement for balanced nutrients from vegetables, including vitamins, minerals, beta carotene, dietary fiber
  • Rich in antioxidants to counteract active oxygen species in the body
  • Rich in dietary fiber to defecate unnecessary substances within the intestine and effectively improve constipation
  • Useful in preventing arteriosclerosis
  • Enable the blood to flow smoothly and improve the blood circulation by suppressing digestion and absorption of excess cholesterols
  • Improve the cholesterol level in the blood, prevent & improve high blood pressure
  • Improve bowel movement and increase probiotics bifidobacteria in the intestines
  • Improve skin roughness caused by constipation
  • Prebiotics alpha-oligosaccharride promote proliferation of probiotics lactic acid bacteria

Suitable for: Anyone who seeks to improve daily unbalanced diet

Quantity: 30 sachets in 1 box (30-day supply in 1 box)


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