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Roadshow @ Novena Square, Singapore


Roadshow @ Novena Square, Singapore

NewGen is at Novena Square from 10 to 16 July! Discover our range of star products especially crafted to meet your needs. NewGen, Health Elevated with Science.


NewGen Probiotics + Prebiotics Plus

  • Improve digestive comfort and conditions
  • Strengthen immune system efficiency
  • Enhance nutrient absorption and production
  • Support healthy cholesterol levels
  • Prevent infant eczema when mom-to-be takes during pregnancy


NewGen Probiotics + Prebiotics Junior

  • Support immune system and digestive health
  • Give your child a health head start
  • Enhance nutrient absorption and production
  • Formulated for growing bodies and curious minds
  • Yummy taste that your child will love!


NewGen ACNE O Skin Care Supplement

  • Combat acne troubles
  • Gentle and effective solution for clearer skin


Kampo Diet Tea

  • Reduce and maintain blood sugar level
  • Natural and effective solution to support your well-being
  • Nice fragrance and easy to incorporate into your daily routine


Kampo Detox Tea

  • Prevent edema
  • Say goodbye to swelling and water retention
  • Improve skin complexion


Kampo Relaxing Tea

  • Recommended for those who feel tired and stress
  • Restore your energy and find tranquility
  • Relieve fatigue and stress
  • Enjoy a peaceful moment for yourself


Plus, many other Japanese health supplements! Visit us at Novena Square