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Probiotics + Prebiotics Plus [order now and ship out on 4 Jun]

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NewGen Probiotics + Prebiotics Plus supports gut health. It adopts the patented three-layer Japanese embedding microcapsule technology to ensure that more than 90% of probiotics survives the stomach acid so that the probiotics could be specifically released in the intestines.

What makes NewGen Probiotics + Prebiotics Plus different?

  • Unique & single probiotic strain of Bifidobacterium longum 
  • Proven track record of clinical efficacy
  • Proven tract record of safety
  • Targeted release of live probiotics in the intestines
  • Balanced amounts of both probiotics and prebiotics
  • Convenient & on-the-go
  • Good taste

Health benefits:

  • Improve digestive conditions and reduce constipation
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Support healthy cholesterol levels
  • Improve cognitive function

Contents: 30 sachets in a box (30-day supply in a box)

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Take 1 sachet daily with or without water. Do not chew.

For best taste and convenience, simply tear open the sachet and pour the content into your mouth. The powder will melt in your mouth, giving an all-will-love taste and allowing you to easily swallow the microcapsules (do not chew or bite on the microcapsules).

This product contains gelatin, soy and milk ingredients. Discontinue immediately if you experience rash, vomiting, or allergies.

I can see great improvement on my bowel after 4th day of intake. Highly recommended!



I like the citrus taste of the powder and interesting texture of the capsules!



I tried to eat it every morning and found that it seems like improve my digestive health and maintain a fixed toilet time every morning.



NewGen Probiotics Plus has transformed my respiratory health. It effectively reduced my phlegm and cough, making breathing easier. I high recommend it for anyone looking to improve their respiratory well-being.



Tried the Newgen probiotic for consecutive 14 days and I realised no more bloated stomach, improved my digestive system and also regulated the bowel system. The sachets are easy to carry around during travelling or staycation. It is easy to consume too, no weird smell and nice sweet taste. Will continue to consume this!



It's not difficult to drink. Just pour into the mouth and easier swallow. As i have constipation problems for many years, after comsumpting it for few days, i realised my bowel eases easily and less bloated stomach. It's really a very good products and I recommended to my friends.



It has a fruity taste, which made it more appealing. Taste good with cold water or could be consumed directly from the pack itself. So convenient that there is no excuse in forgetting it.



i have taken probiotics previouly but that one was prescribed by my Doctor. It was not easy to take as capsules are big. The NewGen Probiotics Plus! works like a charm, easy to take, great flavor and my stomach feels great especially when I eat late dinner.



Seldom you will come across a great tasting probiotics for adults which taste as good as this. You can even eat it on his own. Refer to the photos they are in powder form. Very palatable. The bigger balls I will need some water to swallow. I pass a lot of gas after taking this which I assume is the works of the probiotics. I also go to the toilet daily after taking this. I feel cleaner!



I love how this small handy sachet packs a great deal of goodness! Inside every sachet is a mixture of powder and small beads. The mixture melts in your mouth and has a very pleasant taste (imagine a slightly sweet Eno drink). The beads are small enough so swallowing is not even an issue, although it is very tempting to bite them :P Effects wise, I do believe that consistent long-term consumption will result in more observable changes. However, bowel movements have been smoother, generally takes a shorter time and I haven't been bothered by excessive bloating throughout the day. Definitely worth a try if you're sick of taking probiotics tablets or just looking for a tasty alternative of boosting your gut health, which also has a significant impact on general well-being, skin health and immunity!



Awesome product! It is easy to consume and it taste alright as well. After few days consumption, i feel less bloated and it helps with bowels too. Will recommend this marvellous product to my friends too.



Growing up I always thought we can only get probiotics from drinking yakult or eating yogurt, and that we should only consume this on days when we are constipated. But these days, more and more people are consuming probiotics regularly as a supplement as it helps in improved digestive conditions and to boost immunity. It also helps in reducing cholesterol, improves colon function, and ladies here's a secret, probiotics is also known to help down there, to keep our v healthy. Product: It comes in powder form which is kind of unusual for me. At first I thought, it's gonna taste sour or bitter, but it actually tasted nice like powdered candy. Packaging: I love that it comes in a small sachet, which makes it easy to consume, even on-the-go. I can just consume it while walking to the bus stop, or I can easily slip it in my bag to consume when I reach work. Effect: The beginning of the alternate day work from home arrangement kinda haywired my bowel routine, but after taking this, it came back to its usual schedule. What I noticed though is although it decreased bloating, I experienced flatulence lol.



Love the taste and how convenient it is to consume. It's small in packaging but it's mighty! I used to have constipation issue, but after consuming, it clears my bowel easily and most importantly is it tastes great!



The probiotics tasted like cool lemonade, on the lighter side, which is to my liking. At its current price, it is very much affordable, seeing that I used to buy encapsulated probiotics (Neobiotics Immune) of 60 capsules at SGD50. I could see its efficacy from the second use, where I can start seeing the difference in my stools. Stools are bulkier, and much easier for BO compared to usual. I no longer have flatulence from the 4th packet onwards. It is very convenient to carry, as it is dry and compact in small sachets.



I could feel the difference when I started using it within the first 3 to 4 days. I feel like i went through detox. Once your body have get used to the product, it feels like a normal supplement already for your gut system.



Loving this probiotics so much! So easy and convenient to bring around and to even consume it right from the sachet! It does help with my bloatedness and digestion after a meal. It tastes super good too. Highly recommended!



Great product easy to consume and it works and it helped me settle my stomach issues. it’s good and effective and highly recommended. Will purchase regularly.



After consuming these probiotic satchets for 2 weeks I feel great! Less bloated and gassy and better digestion on the whole! I really like the taste as compared to the conventional capsule form too!



I like how refreshing the probiotics taste and that it did help with my gut health. I do suffer from indigestion and I realise that after 14 days of probiotics I do find my digestion improving. Also it’s packed individually - which makes it really easy to bring it out now that going back to office is a norm for some.



I was so surprised to learn that this probiotics contain bb536. For those don’t know bb536 is a proprietary strain from Morinaga. When I was in Japan I enjoyed talking their yoghurt drink and yoghurt (containing this strain) so much it helped me with a smooth constipation every day but when I came back to Singapore I couldn’t find the yoghurt/drink in any supermarkets here including the Japanese ones. I have been taking probiotics for years but never knew of this brand and this formula from Japan. Thrilled to know now I can consume it via the form of this probiotics by NewGen! Highly recommend to anyone for daily well being l try it to know the effects. Oh by the way you can swallow the powder without water. Helps for busy professionals to keep it at hand to have it anytime.



Flavour is nice. No sandy feeling when dissolved in water. Can’t tell if there is a difference before and after taking. Maybe got to take it for longer term to see lasting effects.



Was struggling with menopause. Newgen probiotic helped reduces belly bloats and aids with my digestion and reduces my constipation. Its so easy to consume and it tasty wonderful with no strange aftertaste. Thank you Newgen.



I have tried for 3 days and it is great and improve my digestive.



After trying for 3 days I find that my digestive system gets better. It just feel weird when biting on the small hard particles and it does not dissolve when I pour into water.



I tried yesterday it really helped me and I like easy to consume. I am definitely sure this one one of my new best probiotics. It helps me a lot and feels great.



Highly recommended by my colleagues. Therefore I decided to give it a try. Nice refreshing taste and easy to take. I prefer taken with water.



Been tried few days nice taste but not really effective. Will continue consume hope the result is good.



Product comes in a handy pack and is easy to bring out. Taste great and even my kid loves it. After consuming for a week tummy feels less bloated and bowel movement is smooth! Highly recommended!



I take 1 sachet in the morning before my breakfast. Taste good. Helps to reduce my cholesterol and no more gastric now!



I have taken probiotics in the form of pills and drinks and this is the first time I try in sachet form and it tastes great! It is sweet and easy to swallow so it's very pleasant to consume. After taking 1 sachet I'm pleased to inform that I had good bowel movement. However subsequently it becomes smoother and smoother to the point that it almost seems like diarrhea consistency so I'm not taking it daily anymore but either alternate days or when I need to. Due to its efficacy I will be switching to this probiotics brand.



NewGen Probiotics Plus helps me with my bowel system. I used to have difficulties passing out bowels. But after having this supplement for 7 days I had to go to the toilet every morning.



Whole family tried it and it did improve our digestives even after few days of taking it. Strongly recommend and will continue to consume this supplement!



After almost 10 days having this probiotic improve my digestion. Easy go to toilet.



It’s so convenient to take it anytime anywhere. Taste is good. Effective since day 1 no more constipation or stomach discomfort. Don’t need to feel guilty with those unhealthy food.



I always had constipation issues post pregnancy and i have tried so many products but it doesn't work. I'm so glad to be chosen as one of the testers for NewGen Bio and I proudly say this product works amazingly good. It literally solved my constipation issues. Highly recommend!



It tastes quite nice and is easy to eat. I usually eat it with some water.



Although there isn't obvious effect throughout my 14 days trial, I do believe that it helps in overall guts health with persistent consumption over a longer period of time. NewGen is easy to consume with the hint of sweet taste. Packaging is convenient as well since it is in sachet form.

Wong Sook Leng


I started to try out New Gen Probiotics Plus! I take one sachet daily with water or straight away. I love to simply pour it into my mouth as it will melt and the feeling is so satisfying! It helps with my unpleasant bowel symptoms like constipation. It can also help to correct bad breath and reduce cholesterol levels.



It’s good for improving and strengthening the digestive and immune systems. The probiotics are delivered straight to the intestines and not digested in the stomach for maximum efficacy. Convenient and easy to bring on the go with the individually packed sachets. It has a sweet sour cooling taste when dissolving in the mouth. The microcapsules are also pretty small and easy to swallow. Overall I do feel an improvement in my digestion.



Loved how the sachets are so convenient to carry and swallow. Had constipation issues and my issue resolved after consuming one sachet.



I have tried more than one week on this probiotics. I found it is really effective on improving my digestion and also my constipation condition. I highly recommend this probiotics to whom faced digestion issue like me.



Used to take yakult for digestion but it’s too sweet NEWGEN helps with bowel movement and eliminates the toxins from body, can feel the effects after a few days! Skin feels clearer and I feel lighter too! So it must be the concentration of probiotics!



I have it without adding water I poured directly into my mouth & let the powder dissolve itself & swallow! It tastes a little sweet, dissolve fast! Nice!!



The product is in powder form but easy to swallow. Is slightly sweet and pleasant taste. Will recommend for long term consumption if price is affordable.



I love NewGen Probiotics Plus. It helps to improve my digestive comfortable, regulate my daily bowel movements, enhance nutrient adsorption and production. Lastly it supports healthy cholesterol level



As the saying goes a healthy gut equals to a healthy body. Gut health is so important! I’ve finally found a probiotic that’s tasty and effective in maintaining my gut health. This probiotic contains excellent BB536 strain probiotics that are embedded inside a three-layer microcapsules and best of all it’s formulated with prebiotics (oligosaccharides raffinose) too. Best of all it’s low calories too!


Had constipation issues but this essentially solved it no more difficulties pooping. Very tasty and I could see myself consuming this for the rest of my life.


Tried a few probiotiocs which were more powder form and this was a little huge. However taste wise was better. It is sweet! Also felt some positive changes in my body where I go to the toilet quite on time every morning. Will get more!


Love the taste of the powder as it tasted refreshing. Tried it for more than 10 days and it really helps in my digestion. Would totally recommend to my friends.


The product comes with powder form which is sweet and lemonty taste. There are pearly like bits which is tasteless and easy to swallow. My bowel movement has improved a lot. Stomach less bloated.


I do have severe gastric issues and I am on medication. I have tried several probiotics in tablet forms and the benefits are not as effective as NewGen Probiotics. I notice several positive changes in my body and the most obvious was improved digestion and more energy. The ingredients in NewGen which had Bifidobacterium Longum is very beneficial for maintaining a healthy gut. It was easy to consume and tasty as well.


NewGen Probiotics Plus is a mixture of powder and tiny beads instead of the usual powder form. It helps to reduce constipation and reduce cholesterol levels too.


It is tasty and very convenient to use. The powder just melts in the mouth and it can be swallowed easily. I feel less bloatedness after a few days of consumption. Definitely recommend!



Probiotic that works well for me as it eases my bloating and discomfort after each irregular meal times. Definitely going to recommend this to others.


The probiotic makes me nauseous and bloated. But the flavour is nice and the taste is really yummy! Will continue to take hopefully the bloated and vomiting feeling will go away.


This my first time I use this product. And to my surprise is good. After taking for a few days can tell is working. The probiotics help my stomach have a very smooth passing motion since I took it. The taste is good too. I continue after my 14 days and purchase it. For my daily use.


My toilet routine much more stable. Stool condition also improved.


This product is awesome and amazing. It cured my long term constipation problem and my condition improved tremendously. So thankful to this product.


Been using for almost 2 weeks and it really improves my digestion. Absolutely will purchase to use often. Big thumb! 


I like it that NewGen Probiotics are delivered directly to my intestines. After taking it for 2 weeks I feel that it has helped me with my digestion. Though I have stopped my omeprazole medicine to help me with my gastic reflux I did not have any gastic reflux so far. I find the taste abit too sweet. Will be getting this product to try for a longer period.


Made in Japan. Comes in small sachet pack. Consume on the go. Just open and eat it anytime even without water. Very easy and convenient. Powder melts in your mouth. Very good for digestion after a meal. Helps constipation.



Good and effective prebiotic. Can strengthen my immune system make me feel good. Most importantly  support healthy cholesterol level especially in our hectic lifestyle. Easy to digest and swallow.

Winnie lim  

I have food allergy and cannot digest lactose from milk. After taking NEWGEN probiotic for 2 weeks I find it really helped settle my stomach and digestion is better. It's easy to take I usually add it to my almond milk :)



It was such an easy process. Cut the lil packet down the hatch and done. If you need drink some water or like I did my regular coffee whenever i took it. I tend to get bloated when aunty flo is due for a visit and this was perfect in helping reduce the bloat. I have never been a fan of taking things like this as I hate taking anything not in pill form but this time it was not so bad! I was fairly surprised.


NewGen Probiotics is well packed for easy consumption. It's taste is superb. Will consider to buy for long term consumption if it offers attractive price.



I am pleasantly surprised by its pleasant taste and the “jelly” bits within the product. It is so easy to consume and after taking it for one week I stopped experiencing embarrassing stomach noises and I feel lighter and less bloated from within. At the same time it appears that even my skin has received benefits from this product I do not have my monthly pimple!


The probiotics taste great and its easy and convenient to consume. 

Chian K    

Packaging received on time and in good condition. Product was packaged in sachets for convenience and perfect for each dose. Each sachet comprises of a sweet powdery component along with tiny pills all swallowed together with water. Taken this daily for around 2 weeks. Does wonders to my digestion, gassiness and regulates daily bowel movements. Will definitely purchase it again.

S. Ong    

Mix with drink and directly into mouth. Taste great the microcapsules is about the size of po chai pills and needed water to swallow. Improve my digestion within a few days.


I have been feeling blotted and indigestion after meals. NewGen probiotics ease my discomfort away. Love the taste too. It's a must have for me now. Love it!


This is my 1st time try probiotic. The taste is very good without water. It's help solve my constipation. Definitely will continue purchase this probiotic. If the taste less sweet a little bit will be great 


Easy to consume. Easy to carry around. Taste is ok. I don't go to toilet for big biz everyday. Some weeks only 3x a week!! After taking NewGen probiotics the number of times per week increased although not every day yet. But am happy it helps with my bowel. 


Newgen Probiotics Plus is a must buy. I always have digestion and constipation problem. I get bloated easily when I eat slightly later but after taking this probiotic on a daily basis I realize I no longer have such an issue. It also solves my constipation problem. It is in a sachet with sweet tasting powder. I find it so much better than swallowing pills. And it’s so convenient to bring out too.


This has changed my bowel movement a lot. I felt I go to the restroom more often than before. And it has definitely improved my gut. It comes in small sachets which makes it easier to bring around. The taste was very pleasant (surprisingly - orange taste) and easy to swallow. Will definitely intro to my family members and friends and hopefully will improve their overall health system.


Good small pocket size probiotics easy to carry in bag everytime go work. Taste great. Add water and drink. As good as drinking yakult.


The taste is not bad without water (like citrus-orangy flavour) need a bit water to easily swallow. It's also very convenient to bring along whenever you go. Packaging was easy to tear too no need scissor. But unfortunately it doesn't work for me. I think I might need to consult a doctor.


The probiotics has a poppy little bits while the content tasted like yogurt. After consuming for few days I can feel that the bloatness of my stomach improves. Bloated stomach has always been my concern which often caused by indigestion. This is definitely good to maintain a healthy gut.


After trying the product for 5 days I began to notice my digestive system works better. Lesser bloating after meals. Bowels are much regular as I seems to have constipations. Today is my 10th day into NewGen Probiotics Plus. I very hopeful with my continuation in taking NewGen Probiotics Plus it will definitely help in my overall digestion and enhance in better nutrient absorption for my daily living.


Bloating and constipation has been haunting me for many years. NewGen probiotics helps to ease the bloated feeling within half hour of consumption. It also helps me to clear my bowels more regularly. It’s a good product as the new technology can bring the probiotics to the intestines before being destroyed. Taste is refreshing and easy to dissolve in water.


Always have an issue with constipation but this probiotic helps to keep me more regular. Doesn't really help with my bloating issues though. I do wish that it can be less sweet. It's very easy to take the powder as it tastes like candy.


Its helps me a lot in my digestion. No more constipation I can say. I can feel my body is light. The taste is ok sometimes I mix with lemon water. I like it.


I tried these samples and i was a little bit constipated after taking for a week. And I felt a bit bloated? Not sure if this is the effect of the product.


I don't visit toilet for big business frequently. But after taking NewGen Probiotics Plus! it improved my bowel movement. Love the taste of NewGen Probiotics Plus! too.


It’s easy to carry around and I tried it daily. It does help with bowels and reduce the bloating issue I had. Taste alright as well. Would buy again.


Had it once a day for consecutive days but there's not much effect only a slight stomachache. It tastes good and easy to consume.


Nice taste easy to carry around and consuming. Help improve my bowel movement. I personally will continue to buy and consume this product it works.


The product has helped with my digestion but not very significantly. It's quite mild and have a nice taste. The capsules that we are not supposed to chew is a little too big to swallow but generally very easy to consume.


Had rashes after consumption. Taste wise is nice. Mild lime-ly with bits of jello-like tiny pearls. Bowel movement is more regular. No more bloating.


I pour the product straight into my mouth: easy to swallow and I like the (slight) sweet taste. Felt less bloated and digestion was better too.


Probiotics Plus really works wonder for me. Don’t usually go big biz daily. After taking Probiotics Plus becoming a daily routine now. I personally find it a bit sweet. How I wish I was given more as trial instead.


I was having stomach discomfort and having constipation recently. After using this probiotic for few days my stomach discomfort getting better and i can pass motion easily. It is a good product ever.


Coming in sachet form the NewGen Probiotics helped me with my constipation and my tummy is less bloated. In my 14 day trial I could see an improvement in my digestive system. I like the sweet taste of the granules and they melt in mouth easily. So far it works for me.


Myth About Probiotics


Myth 1:  A multi-strain probiotic product is better

Reality based on science: Mixing multiple strains of probiotics together can impact the actions of the individual strains, and they may even compete with each other, unless there are clinical data showing the efficacy and safety of such combination of strains in the particular ratio.

NewGen Probiotics + Prebiotics Plus contains a single strain (Bifidobacterium longum) that has strong track record of clinical efficacy and safety for human use.


Myth 2: Products with higher CFU of probiotics are more effective

Reality based on science: A more meaningful aspect to look at would be how much probiotics could survive through the stomach to eventually reach the intestines alive. Although rare, excessive amounts of probiotics could pose greater risks of infections. In rare cases, probiotics can enter the bloodstream and cause infections in susceptible individuals.

NewGen Probiotics + Prebiotics Plus contains 5 billions CFU of Bifidobacterium longum. Due to the 3-layer embedding microcapsule technology, more than 90% of probiotics survive through the stomach to reach the intestines alive. 5 billions CFU in NewGen Probiotics + Prebiotics Plus is the right amount of probiotics to prime the gut in adults.


Frequently Asked Questions


How to take in the probiotics?

NewGen Probiotics + Prebiotics Plus can be taken with or without water. For best taste and convenience, simply tear open the sachet and pour the content into your mouth. The powder will melt in your mouth, giving an all-will-love taste and allowing you to easily swallow the microcapsules (do not chew or bite on the microcapsules).


Why is it not recommended to chew or bite on the microcapsules?

The probiotics are embedded within the microcapsules. The 3-layered structure of microcapsules protects the live probiotics from stomach acid, but can dissolve in alkali environment in the intestines. So if you don’t bite the microcapsules, live probiotics are delivered straight to the intestines and released only in the intestines, maximizing its efficacy and health benefits.


Do I need to store the probiotics in the fridge?

No, there is no need to store NewGen Probiotics Plus in the fridge. The 3-layered structure of microcapsules protects the embedded live probiotics from moisture, heat and light, allowing them to be preserved alive even at room temperature.


Why is NewGen Probiotics + Prebiotics Plus with 10X efficiency?

NewGen Probiotics + Prebiotics Plus is a high efficiency probiotic product with 5 billion CFU of Bifidobacterium Longum in a sachet. Although this number is seemingly less CFU compared with many other probiotic products, its efficacy is equivalent to at least 50 billion CFU of conventional non-capsulated probiotic products owing to its patented 3-layered structure of microcapsules. More than 90% of live probiotics can reach intestines. Lower CFU and targeted release in intestines make NewGen Probiotics a safe and effective option.


Is NewGen Probiotics backed by science?

Yes, NewGen Probiotics is strongly backed by science. The probiotic strain in NewGen Probiotics is one of the world’s most researched and effective probiotics that is supported by over 200 published scientific studies. It is Japan’s top-selling probiotic with long history and strong track record of safety and efficacy. Dosage in NewGen Probiotics is also carefully designed by NewGen scientists based on published clinical studies. Science, safety and efficacy form the guiding principle of NewGen products.


Should I take the probiotics in the morning or night, before meal or after meal? What is the recommended timing to take the probiotics?

Due to the 3-layered structure of microcapsules, NewGen Probiotics are well protected from stomach acid and are delivered straight to the intestines. Thus, you can take the probiotics at any time in a day based on your daily regular schedule and convenience.


Its taste is sweet. Is NewGen Probiotics with high sugar content?

No, NewGen Probiotics is actually very low in calories. Although it tastes sweet, but there is no need to worry about its sugar content. There are 3 types of healthy sugars in NewGen Probiotics – raffinose, erythritol, and trehalose. Raffinose is a prebiotic that probiotics can feed on to keep healthy and strong, and is important for maintaining a healthy digestive system. Human body lacks of the enzyme to digest it thus it stays only in the intestines as prebiotic. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol used as a low-calorie sweetener. With only 6% of the calories of table sugar, it still contains 70% of the sweetness. It does not raise blood sugar or insulin levels. Trehalose is a naturally occurring, energy-producing sugar that is a healthy option for diabetics and hypoglycemics. With 55% the sweetness of table sugar, it is effective for balancing sugar levels while still bringing a little “sweetness” into the taste.


I experienced frequent farting after taking the probiotics. Is this expected?

You may experience temporary frequent farting when you first start to take the probiotics. Changes in the gut microbiota can result in bacteria producing more gas than usual, which can lead to frequent farting and bloating. However, while you continue with the probiotics, these seemingly side effects usually clear up within few days to 2 weeks when gut microbiota condition becomes better. However, NewGen probiotics contain gelatin, soy and milk ingredients. Discontinue immediately if you experience rash, vomiting or allergies.