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I have acne for more than 2 years; nothing has worked for me. After taking ACNE O, my face has really smoothed out and I hardly get new pimples which is an absolute miracle!
Dew C (Singapore)


Having acne the last 12 months was so stressful. I was initially sceptical about taking this product but I am glad I tried. Now my skin looks amazing and I got back my confidence again.
James L (Singapore)


I bought this product for my teenage son who is 12 years old. It has helped to dry up his pimples after few days of taking this supplement.
PS (Singapore)

Lynn Tan

Acne can take a toll on teens' or even adults' self-esteem and quality of life, it is happening to my 18 yo daughter now.
All of us in the family are blessed with good skin except her.
Besides changing her skincare regime, we decided to let her try NewGen Acne O SkinCare Supplement. In just 10 days (2 capsules a day), we could see vast improvement.
See it to believe, even the old acne scars are much lighter and we also notice fairer complexion in her.
Lynn Tan (Singapore)


Really good product after taking for 2 days my pimple not swollen. After 10 days my acne is gone.
Amberzixuan (Singapore)


My boy in his teens having quite a fair share of pimples. He has taken it for the past 10 days and I can see slight improvement on his skin more tone down.
bhlkgf (Singapore)

cherrielyn I have suffered from acne for many years. I have taken and tried many different products but none of those products stop from having acne. Here's a free try and review of NewGen ACNE O Skin Care Supplement which I try for 10 days my pimples become dry and lesser now not perfectly gone but can see the difference from day 1 to 10. Thank you for the opportunity to try the product.
cherrielyn.domingo (Singapore)
evangelinelhy NewGen ACNE O Skin Care Supplement is an ancient and natural remedy for achieving clear skin. It supports complexion and general skin health. I received a box of 10 days supply from Try and Review. Was skeptical at first but after trying I have seen great improvements. My skin's texture has gotten smoother and acne are disappearing. 
evangelinelhy (Singapore)
Kymtey I still have bad breakouts from long duration of mask-wearing and just before my 'time of the month'. Teens you are not alone! Received this box of NewGen ACNE O Skin Care Supplement from Try and Review and I've tried it out for 10 days. My new pimples/bumps dried up faster than usual and the redness is reduced. However the spots are still visible to the eye. I've read that the effects of suppressing pimple growth can be seen anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months so I probably have to take the supplement for a longer period of time to see better results. NewGen ACNE O Skin Care Supplement has vitamins A and E, and Japanese Safflower Seed Oil. It's alcohol & paraben-free with no steroids, hormones, or antibiotics added. This Made In Japan product has a all food-based formulation which is suitable for adults and teens 12 years and above.
Kymtey (Singapore)
natashaminnie Oily skin is the most pimple-prone. It's caused by your skin's sebaceous glands producing too much oily sebum. Another type of skin that may cause pimples is combination skin. Combination skin means you have both dry and oily areas. I have combination skin and my acne problem becomes worse since now we have to wear our mask frequently. I was given a chance to try out NewGen ACNE O Skin Care Supplement, here's my review after 10 days of consecutive using. My skin feels smoother and I've had no new break outs since I started taking this supplement. Now I need not apply thick concealer to cover up my acne. Hopefully things will keep improving and I absolutely recommend this product.
natashaminnie (Singapore)
s I am really amazed by my boy acne improve by so much. Really love the product.
s.lim (Singapore)
sarahconstw These pills worked like a charm! I've been suffering from very bad acne largely due to all the mask wear. No matter what products I used - face masks, acne cream etc. I still couldn't seem to control my breakouts! However within 5 days of consuming these pills, my skin has largely cleared up! While there are still a few stubborn spots I'm sure these will go away soon as well! 
sarahconstw (Singapore)
Singapore My friends who know me from my early 20s should know that acne is the main problem for my skin. To have a good daily skincare routine can help a lot but still it will come and go regularly ~ I can see my acne condition looks better after using days really help suppress pimple growth and promote own self-skin healing! Hopefully can see more improvement after more time.
Singapore.babydiary (Singapore)
strawberriland The NewGen ACNE O Supplement comes in a soft easy to swallow capsule. It uses pure ingredients which is safe for consumption. After using for 10 days I feel that it reduces skin redness and promotes skin healing but probably will need to try the product for a longer period to see more benefits and effects.
strawberriland (Singapore)